Principal Message

Md. Tarikul Islam

  • Founder & Principal
  • BCI Engineering Institute


some words
"Equip yourself" is the core philosophy of BCI Engineering Institute. What does its Bengali meaning stand for? Simply put, we say "Equip yourself". No matter how we live, in the final judgment, competence, experience, skill, and talent, in one word, survive without overall competence. Responsibility. The world is for the worthy. If the question comes up, how does a person develop himself? One way is self-improvement. But there is not one way of self-improvement. In thousands of ways, thousands of ways, in many ways, in many ways, a man can develop his sense, his being.
Our happy childhood passed through educational institutions. At that time, there was joy, a fun, between the educational institution, the teachers, and the curriculum, where we felt tension. And that's why I feel that later I learned to see life from different perspectives and I'm still trying to see life with a different sense of real life. There is no substitute for an interesting and enjoyable educational system for sparking the sense of life, for the full development of humanity. In addition to that, the importance of teachers with compassionate and clean views, the environment of educational institutions and subject-based studies, as well as various activities like exploring creativity, leadership, and a sense of responsibility, is immense. At BCI Engineering Institute, these issues are considered very strong and we feel that through its successful application, the students are paved the way for mental excellence.
As a result of our overall efforts, many children who passed out from here are living successful lives due to study and employment in different countries of Europe, America, Australia, and South Africa. Children staying in the country are also working in reputed domestic or multinational companies. Established in 1995 and approved by the Bangladesh Board of Technical Education, Bangladesh Computer Institute is renamed BCI Engineering Institute. In the beginning, only four years of computer technology were introduced but according to the demand of the time, the teaching of telecommunication, electrical, civil textile, fashion design, mechanical and architecture electronic subjects is continued.
BCI Engineering Institute follows a vibrant and exciting educational approach in conducting courses. We have seen that many things related to education, including traditional education systems or methods, educational institutions, and environments, but not well thought out and well planned, throw a student's entire academic life into a vicious cycle. Not only that, many times it is seen that students lose interest in learning something. And then a student definitely drops out of his/her education. We are moving forward with a dreamy and well-thought-out plan combining our labor and talent to bring this shedding rate to as tolerable level as possible. That's why we have been able to weave a bold dream of a progressive group of graduates from BCI who will break all the barriers of decrepitude in work, mind, and mind and build a beautiful society in the future.
The students of BCI will develop as wise people by spreading all the petals of intelligence, spreading all the pollen of knowledge, and soaking this land and people with their love in the future wilderness. We have completed this arrangement. In our plans, actions, ways, and methods. In anticipation of future multi-dimensional life, those who know how to dream, those who secretly harbor the desire to go far in their chest - self-confident, limitless possibilities are invited to BCI Engineering Institute.
(Md Tariqul Islam)
Founder and Principal BCI Engineering Institute, Dhaka